Best tips for women fashion 2017 guide

When it comes to style, things are simpler than many women believe them to be.  You only need to keep in mind the guidelines of the most stylish, sharpest and smartest women around the world since they are wise and they may be helpful when it comes to deciding on your style.

Clothing is a method of communication: the life is based on the theory that whatever you choose to do in this life, you will end up always communicating. The body language expert had built the career on such theory and the same as a stylist. They agree that the outfit is not only meant to be aesthetic but it is always a way of self-expression.  The clothing you put on, it will be saying something for the people who are near you, regardless if you have intended it to be so or not. This is why you should be conscious of what you put on.

Outfit respond to the social situation: the same as the clothing will give people some ideas, the clothes will also be responding to the social situation. You will have a reason to go to the office while dressing in a way while you will also dress differently if you go to a party.  It is rare to find people going to the two occasions in the same attire since they dictate different types of dress

Fit should be chosen carefully: you may put on the most expensive and the trendiest outfit in the entire world but this will not amount to anything if it does not fit well. You will not be stylish and the money and effort you spend looking for such outfit will be a waste of time.  Many women choose to wear clothing which does not fit since they do not like the type of the body they have. You will have to do this if you wish to understand what may be looking good on your body.  Confidence is also the right accessory regardless of which outfit you put on.

Pair of jeans: regardless if you like the customized effect that comes with investing in a pair of the raw denim jeans or if you only want last forever jeans, you should always have the jeans in the wardrobe. Even if it may not be that expensive, it is always on the trend and it will get the attention of the people around you.  If you invest into quality denim, it will last for many years.

Consider your personality and audience before dressing: even if it at a certain level it is true that the dress has to be an expression of how you feel, it is also not advisable to ignore the setting you will be in completely.  The example is when you have a mini dress and you want to take it at the office. Sometimes it is not something advisable to do it.  You should try new trend in for a dressy occasion but not on formal social occasion such as the night out with your friends.

The tiny tricks may change your look completely: adding something simple like looping the belt at a certain way or by tucking the shirt in, it will have some huge impact on the overall style. Not everything is about making of the giant overhauls to the closet. The cuffs with the shirt sleeve and the rolling of that pant hem will transform the person at once

Signature item: regardless of what it is your personal style, you need to have a certain item to be your signature. It maybe just a gold bangle that you cannot put away or you may like boyfriend jeans instead of the skinnies. You may have to decide on one item and make it the one to define the personal style and then stick at it. If you are ready to change it, then you should be free to change.

Show your skin in a strategic manner: if you want to look completely sexy, you should be aware of what you wish to bare and what has to be kept under the wraps. Only bare one part, if it is cleavage, you should not show up the legs and if it is the legs you want out, then cover the top.

Accessorize with the bright: in case the closet has enough of neutrals, like gray, camel or black, you should add more energy in the bags and hued shoes. A hunter green satchel can be lively and it can be versatile. If you are totally brave, you can wear the neutral base while the bag and the shoes can be found in two but completely different colors.

Buy in multiples: in case you find that something is flattering your body, then you should get them off the rack and then buy them in many colors. If it works, there is no need to question it.

Hem the pants to reach to the shoe height: one biggest mistake of women is to put on the pants which are not the best length according to their shoes.  The hems have to just graze at the top of the shoes and it has to be at least 3.4 away of the floor.

Put on a scarf: this is the ultimate accessory as reported by women in fashion. You should stash it into the purse or you can put it on to transform your simple t-shirt by making just a knot.

Be hands-free when you go out for the evening: having a dressy bag or a chain, it helps in holding the crudités or cocktail while it lends the cool edge for the evening wear.  For the right fit, the chain should be won across the body to achieve the right effect.

Be aware of how to take care of your item: before you decide to buy anything, you should take time to learn how the pieces can last with some few washing. You should not buy the clothing that you cannot be able to care for. If you know that you cannot hand wash a fancy bra or embellished sweater, you should not buy it.

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