Best tips for men fashion 2017 guide

If you want to enjoy the New Year with the best fashion items, you should keep the following tips in mind

Buy clever and buy less: before you think about buying the latest and expensive outfit at the market, you should think on how to invest in the basic before anything else.  You can buy the navy chinos since they will go together with anything you have while the oxford shirt maybe dressed up or down. You should not worry about splurging the items also.  If the item lasts longer, you should put them together with most anything else.

Be aware of your weakness and strength:  there is no shame to admit that something is not fitting in the comfortable way. If you have shortcomings, you should agree that the arms will not rip in a T-shirt short sleeves. What you have to change is the way that you decide to dress what you have. This is important than just wearing the suits.   If you are going for the suit, make sure that it will flatter the shape of your body. The example is that a double breasted suit is the best choice for a slim and tall men and a single breast design is the classic for every man. If you are short, you should keep in mind that the vertical stripes will add the height.

Dress according to the age you have: you should learn how you can reconcile your age with the right wardrobe.  If it is a middle crisis or even a misguided attempt of looking more mature, the wardrobe is going to give people away always.  if you are in your twenties, you are allowed to do some experiment but if you are in the thirties,  you should begin dressing as a grown up man. In case you are in the forties, then it is time to put the rebellious days away. You should not consider putting on studded leather jacket or slashed denim. If you are in the fifties, you should keep in mind that the fit of the clothes is important as how comfortable it is.

Get a tailor: keep in mind that your size will always matter. Everything you put on has to be a perfect fit. You should consider the suit jacket and everything else down the chinos or the shirts. A good tailor is the right person in the sartorial black book; this is why you should ensure that he is a professional.  With just small tweaks, he will make a cheap suit to look as an expensive one. They will help in extending the lifespan of the pieces through replacing the zippers and buttons and they can update the shapes or cuts so that you can continue to be at the trend. Just like the way you look for a barber, you have to get a good tailor. You can talk to friends or visit a forum to get the recommendations. Let the tailor know you and understand your personal style and then try even new thing for the future.

Good maintenance of the wardrobe: since it pays to perform the upkeep of the body and the skin, you have also to be careful on the clothes you wear.  Taking care of what you like to wear, is more than just putting everything into the boil wash every week. If you want to improve lifespan of your items, you should follow the endless instructions and be aware of the detergent you are using.  Get the habit to polish the shoes on regular basis, de-bobble the knits before they change their color and then learn about different settings on your washing machine.  If you get more time out of the menswear, you will be able to avoid endless embarrassment and you will save money.

Be a friend to suede: a suede jacket was an oxymoron of a luxury fashion market before and it was too expensive in producing but it was always naff in how they are designed. They were shapeless and oversized version that you are now able to see when you visit a charity shop. However, now suede had finally came to be its own and there is everything with suede like overshirts, bags and bombers,  Suede is no longer tan, stone or brown but it is available in many colors.  Suede is supple and soft so it can be handled well and it gets better with the age.

Do not put the clothes in casual and smart categories:   you should know that men’s wear is something relaxing. You can put on the trainers with your tailoring suit; you can use derby and joggers. You should learn how to mix the relaxed and tailored pieces to achieve a stylish and versatile combination which you never knew that you can achieve.

Accessorizes; you should get basic collections and complete them with a grey, navy and black. You may end up looking well with anything, but you should put on some spark of the originality.  Take time to invest into the accessories. The best part about the accessories is that you are able to choose the right level of commitment that will suit you better.  Show off the originality with a patterned scarf or just a simple leather bracelet. If you are braver, try to add the point of the difference to the tailoring with a collar bar or a lapel pin. The accessory is the easy way that you may upgrade the existing look and you will not break a bank.

Check the shirt regularly: a shirt is a workhorse in the wardrobe of a man. However, there are days that it will be crumpled at the bed’s foot.  To make sure that the shirt last long, wash it at least at 40 degree Celsius , wear the shirt at least once before you wash them and take the shirt off in a careful manner while folding them lengthways and then sideways  before you add them in the washing machine. Use good cloth like linen between the shirts while ironing them so that you do not damage them.

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