List of Best 10 Healthy Foods In 2017

2017 is a new year, and it must be accompanied by a decision to live better and healthier. If your living decisions for last year were not healthy, you should make amends this year by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which starts with the kind of food you eat. To help you in living a healthier life through healthy diet, you will be given the best 10 healthy foods in 2017 in this write-up.

Beans pastas

The food is rich in protein, and it is also rich in fiber. Consequently, it can help keep the hunger away and also help you to lose fat since fiber is known to absorb cholesterol.  You can go for chickpea fusilli, lentil elbows, edamame spaghetti or even black bean rotini. They are all among the best 10 healthy foods in 2017 that you can add to your diet.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods are also great and are perfect additions to the diet.  It was consumed heavily across America last year, and much more are expected to give it a go this year considering its many health benefits.  Fermented foods are best for gut health, putting them among the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.  Some of the fermented foods you can add to your diet this year are kimchi and sauerkraut.  You can find them very easily on menus at restaurants and grocery stores. They keep your intestine healthy and help prevent the possibility of gastric cancer.  The vegetables are also very easy to prepare, and they do not take much time at all.

Veggie chips

These are also among the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.  They come in varieties to suit the taste of various consumers.  Some companies do make them using a little salt, oil, and veggies.  You can also go for either kale or beets, and you will get all the full benefits.  Vegetable snacks are perfect additions to any meal of the day too.  They are easy to prepare at home, making it possible to make your beet chips, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprout and kale right in the comfort of your home.


Seaweed has low-calorie content, making it the perfect food for anyone looking to burn fat fast.  Additionally, it is rich in nutrients of various kinds, making it the perfect addition to your meal and giving it a place among the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.  Visit any supermarket or grocery store for packaged seaweed snacks and enjoy to your satisfaction.  It goes perfectly with sushi night, and you can get it sprinkled on top of grain bowls too. It may not burn much fat on its own, but it will be a great addition to your fat-burning recipe.

Alternative sugars

Alternative sugars are now part of many food choices, and they will make a perfect addition to your diet in 2017. Many more people are using it as an alternative for white sugar, and it is working perfectly as desired.  There are different types with each of them having its unique flavor profile.  While it is a good addition to your meal, you should not use any of the sugars in excess, since too much sugar is not good for your waistline, your heart or blood sugar. It only deserves a place as one of the best 10 healthy foods in 2017 when it is used in moderation

Inventive Jerky

If you want a good supply of protein in your diet, then you have got to buy into the inventive jerky. Its high protein profile makes it one of the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.  Undoubtedly, protein is an essential for body builders and anyone desiring to live a healthier lifestyle in 2017.  Beef jerky, for example, is very rich in protein and it is very easy to prepare.  When you want to buy, go for one with less sodium content, and you will be fine. Aside from beef jerky, you can also enjoy seafood jerky, lamb jerky or grass-fed jerky.

Bone broth

Bone broth is very easy to buy around today. Check any grocery store, and you will have it begging for your attention.  Even coffee shops have them on display, including juice bars across the nation. When next you see it staring at you, never look away until you snatch it from the shelf.  Research is ongoing about its effect on the body, but there are several compelling testimonials already about its positive effect on wrinkles and gut. Many have claimed that it fixes their wrinkles and also put an end to leaky guts. This may make it one of the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.


If you are looking for a top performing spice to add to your diet in 2017, then the turmeric is the perfect one to give a trial.  It is a healthy spice, and it has been around for centuries.  The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is a known super-healthy compound, making it one of the best 10 healthy foods in 2017. Turmeric is known to relieve arthritis. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer. It works perfectly against depression and fights cancer. It can be added to virtually any meal of the day.

Vegan food

Plant-based foods are top class foods any day. They are health, thanks to their natural state.  Instead of loading foods like eggs, dairy and meat in excess in 2017, you can simply opt for vegetables, and you will love what it does to your shape. Even if you are not the vegetarian kind of person, a part-time vegan diet will do you a world of good. Without a doubt, vegans are among the best 10 healthy foods in 2017.  Never forget to pick up whole grains, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits anytime you visit the grocery stores this year.

Grain bowls

Grain bowls are here to stay, and they are perfect additions to your diet.  While grains, lots of veggies, wonderful sauce and touch of protein will make your life a lot more interesting and benefit your health a great deal.  Your diet and palate will be greatly satisfied by this choice of food.

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