Step By Step Guide: How To Make A Website

How To Make A Website: The Beginner’s Guide To Get A Small Business Online  

Gone are the days when you have to limit yourself and your business to the brick and mortar store you now occupy; it is time to take things online. Yes, having an online business unit will take your business to the next level since it will enable you to reach more people than ever before. An online presence gives your business a wider coverage, and there is no better way to widen your business scope than this. Owning a website is essential if you want to take your business online. The idea of building a website may look unattainable, expensive or stressful to you. However, this write-up will give you hints on how to build a simple website without employing anyone to help you or paying anyone to do it. The processes involved in creating the site are so simple, and it can be completed in no time at all.

You do not need to create a big website to start off. Check below the four types of website you can create for your business.

1-page sales letter mini-site

This is the first type of website on the mind of many individuals desiring to kick off online presence for their businesses.  This 1-page mini-website can be used to sell your products online. It is perfect for selling various products, like multi-media product, software or eBook.   You will have to include your sales letter on this website and also include your order page; this is where people can download the product they have bought from you.  You do not need more than 10 minutes to create this web page.

Affiliate Showcase mini-site

This is a well-organized website where you can list varieties of affiliate programs or products that people can buy. This kind of website is used to advertise products from other people, and each sale will give you a commission.  Make sure however that the products listed on the affiliate web page are related to one another. If you are interested in the health and fitness industry, for example, make sure all the products you sell are related to that industry

Simple newsletter mini-site

Newsletters can serve lots of purposes. It is one of the means by which you can position yourself as an authority in what you are offering.  The newsletter will help you to get as many subscribers as possible for the particular offer you have. The newsletters you send to your subscribers will deal with various issues under your particular focus. Also, you are to send the newsletter to the subscribers on a regular basis.  You can use this means to recommend various products and services to them through which you get a commission if they buy any of these products.

About me page mini-site

As its name implies, this website serves the purpose of telling visitors to the site about you.  You can also use it as means to tell the world about your interests, your professional inclination, and your business.  You can add a link to your online business through this mini-site too; this is one of the ways to get traffic for your online products and make more sales.

There is no need to learn about programming to create any of the simple websites described above.  You also do not need to be a computer guru or anything like that.  Also, designing website will not require expensive software.  No need to employ any webmaster to help out. All you need is a professional-looking template, and you can get them for free online today; there are many of them online. They also provide you with free web hosting.

One downside with these free platforms is that you may not have full control over the activities on the website if you go for the free version. You can choose any name you want, but the content will be routed to the internet through their domain names; this name you have chosen for your site will have their names attached to it as a suffix. However, you can change this by upgrading to the paid version, which will give you complete control over everything happening on the site. The beauty of it is that the upgrade does not cost much.

Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most reliable sites offering free web platform.  The platform is already designed for you, and you will not have to build the website from the ground up. Just choose any of the platforms and start adding contents. They will also provide a guide on how to add content to the ready-made template.

All the rules applying to free websites do apply to the use of WordPress. You can upgrade to the premium program by purchasing a domain name, and it does not cost much.  WordPress has loads of plugin that can make navigation far easier than ever before.  Maintenance is also very easy with WordPress. They do all the maintenance for you; all you have to do is to sit back and update with new contents on a regular basis, and that is all.

Aside from WordPress, there are several other free websites that you can use. They too have already prepared the template. All you have to do is to add content and images and links and get them launched to bring in more customers for your products and services.  Other free platforms you can use to launch your business online are highlighted below:

  • Blogger: It is very popular, and the templates are easy to modify. It has been around for some times now, and it is free. It is also a Google product.
  • Tumblr: It helps add lots of visuals to the products you advertise. The setup is also very easy. It only takes few minutes to set it up and launch it. You can easily customize and design the website too.
  • Joomla: Joomla is a highly flexible platform, and this places it above several other free platforms, like WordPress. Be that as it may, Joomla is not easy to navigate like WordPress; end users will need to spend some time to understand how the platform operates.
  • Drupal
  • Textpattern
  • Habari

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