Top 10 Singers Review In USA

The United States of America has its fair share of top quality singers, both male and female. In fact, the music industry in the United States set the pace for other music industries across the globe to follow. In this top 10 singers review in the USA, you will have the opportunity to learn about the top ten singers that have made the American music industry to stand taller than what obtains in several other countries across the globe.

Freddie Mercury

He has one of the best singing abilities ever seen by anyone in Hollywood.  He has everything that any singer would want to have, and this has placed him far ahead of several others.  His voice is powerful and has astonishing range. He can fit perfectly into series of genres and perform perfectly in each of them.  He had been involved in opera, funk, folk and rock. He is undoubtedly the best America has ever produced.  He has several songs to his credit, like Who Wants to Live Forever, Another One Bites the Dust and several others.

Aretha Franklin

She deserves a place in the top 10 singers review in the USA. She is well known as the Queen of Soul, and her popularity transcends the shores of America.  She is an outstanding vocalist, and she possesses an innate ability that makes her stand out she has a gospel background, and this seem to also work for her a great deal. Her father too, Bishop C.L. Franklin, is into music and he is popularly called “the Man with the Million Dollar Voice.” If you say singing runs in the family, you will not be far from the truth.

Axl Rose

He is a rock & roll singer, and he got class. His voice is instantly recognizable in his chosen genre. He has a nearly six-octave range of voices, and he is therefore among the best in the world. He does not just have a great voice; he also knows how to use it.  He can change from a soaring screech to a mean growl and a soulful croon al in one breath.  This top 10 singers review in the USA will not be complete without mentioning him.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Before he got introduced into the western world of music, he was already a music superstar in his Pakistan home country.  He was involved in Sufi devotional music, and he took his gifting into Hollywood, where he had made a mark for himself over time. He is in collaboration with other artistes, Like Michael Brook and Peter Gabriel and this further exposed his talent to the music industry.  Qawwali is the name for his kind of music, and it features improvised and elaborate vocal passage having resemblance with jazz and gospel.

Billie Holiday

She is a great singer in all sense of the word, and she deserves to be mentioned in the top 10 singers review in the USA.  She has a perfect pitch and also has a three-octave range that has counted her better than several other artistes in her chosen genre. She has got this seductive touch to her voice that will make you want to listen to her all day and all night long.  She is undoubtedly the most influential singer of all times in the jazz genre. Some of her albums are My Old Flame, Don’t Explain, Fine and Mellow; they are all hit songs.

Janis Joplin

Her voice has a southern comfort coat about it that makes her endearing.  She is talented, and she took the hippie-blues to the next level.  She always displays masterful performance on stage, and her performance at the Big Mama Thornton’s moody ballad transcended her to the realms of the specially chosen. She has got several records to her credit too like I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama.  Her talent is just undeniable, and she is lovely in every sense.

Frank Sinatra

He started out in the music career as a teenager. Many of the young females in the music industry couldn’t keep their eyes off him.  His career was further influenced by Bing Crosby.  He was seen as romantic, tough and talented.  His rerecord deal with Capitol Records pushed him into the limelight again when it seemed as if his career was about ending.  He has got this golden tone that always makes ways for him in the industry, setting him apart as a bankable artiste.  Whenever he sings, he does so with eloquence and power, and he is undoubtedly an American Idol, earning him a mention among the top 10 singers review in the USA.

Michael Jackson

Call him the world best during his time, and you will not be far from the truth. He started out as a nine-year-old artiste, and he was an outstanding star among The Jackson 5.  When the group released their first single in 1968, Michael sang the lead. He and his brothers released several songs like Big Boy, which was their first; I’ll Be There, I want You Back and so on. He later went solo, releasing several songs, like Off the Wall and Thriller, which caught the world by surprise.  The top 10 singers review in the USA can never be complete without the mention of Michael Jackson.

Amy Winehouse

Her vocal talent is once-in-a-generation. She started out when she was very young at the age of 12 and held sway for years. Even at that young age, Amy had more control over things than many of the long-standing professional singers who were older than her.  She, however, died too young and left a vacuum tough for anyone to fill.

Ann Wilson

She is yet another noteworthy American singer, and she deserves a place in the top 10 singers review in the USA.  She is a flutist of great reckoning.  This flute player also has rich voice able to melt the hardest and warm the coldest of hearts. Her songs can bring one to tears, and she held sway in the American music industry or years.  Her songs are meritorious, and they will live long after her.

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