Top 5 electric lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are not designed in the way that they will produce emissions, and they are quieter compared to the gas mowers. While they may need less maintenance, compared to gas machines, cordless mowers still require sharpening of the blades and replacing the battery after few years, and this may be expensive. In certain cases, it can be as expensive as a mower’s price. Still, such mowers are easy in using, and they do take up a little space in the garage or in the shed. Some can even be folded up and hang at the wall. Electric mowers run on the lead-acid batteries like those found in the automobiles, but this technology had now stopped so that lighter mowers based on lithium-on (li-ion) technology may be used instead.

The best mower is the Ego LM2102SP that costs around 600. It is the leading choice for owners and experts. In one of the professional test, it got the scores that are comparable to the top rated gas models which earned it to get the best ratings when it comes to side discharging, bagging and mulching. Excellent scores on the handling or ease of use while it is also recommended because it is capable to offer the gas mower’s torque without fumes. It is possible to mown an entire lawn using only a single charge.

The ego LM2102SP runs at 7.5 Ah 56-volt Li-ion battery. It may take around 60 minutes in charging and then it runs over 60 minutes when it is at full charge. The manufacturer said that it is capable to mow at least a half acre and owners back this up.  This is plenty taking into consideration that most owners have only normal sized lawn.  For people who have large yards, they may mow the back and front yards in just two sessions. The battery will charge faster enough, and they can recharge it when they are eating their lunch. Its battery has a three-year warranty, and since the product is still new, it is not clear how long the battery will last.  It is expected to last for 5 years.

There are many areas in which this mower is the best. It is much better for the environment compared to the gas mower, and it is convenient. The mower has a forward speed, and it may be set in matching the pace of a user to reach to 3.6mph in case you wish to jog while mowing. Only a single lever can raise or lower the deck height up to six different levels while the handlebars have only three position height adjustment.  This is a loved feature if families share mowing duties. Changing in the side discharge, rear discharge or mulching can be done by just flipping a switch.  The mower is quiet, and the user can carry talk together when mowing.

EGO LM2101 is a mower that many people love. The best feature is its cutting ability. It is capable of performing like the gas mower in many cases.  The mower has high scores inside discharging, bagging and mulching. It is excellent in handling, and it is easy to use it.  It has a good reputation in easy handling, strong power, and compact storage.  The run time is around 45 minutes but it only charges in 40 minutes, so this will not be an issue.

Ryobi RY40112A sold around 330 dollars. It comes with two batteries; however, run time of every battery is around 20 minutes. The charge time is around 90 minutes. Still, the owners say that mower offers great value, and it cuts well.  Ryobi has been around for many years now, and it has been tried and proved except some few complaints.  Since it is a small machine, it also has few features, and it does not have side discharge. It is small, and it has 16 inches wide in comparison of the 21 inches of Egos. This means that the mower is compact and it comes with foldable handles.

The corded electric mower is the least expensive kind of mower, and it is easy to maintain it.  You will need to sharpen its blades on a regular basis, but you will not have to buy oil or gas, and there is no need to replace any battery.  The mower gets the power from the extension cord put in the nearest outlet. Some may have a problem with the extension cord, but users have to follow the simple pattern to keep a cord outside to avoid its interference to the mower.

Experts do not like the corded mower, and the ones which are top rated are:

Worx WG719 sold around 200 dollars. It has got a good rating for side discharge, mulching, and bagging.  It is fair for the handling, but it is easy in using.  The users are happy with this mower since it is light and easy to handle. It is a good choice for someone who has a small backyard, and it may mow using a logical pattern in order to keep the cord on the outside.  The mower feature 19 inches width, three different cutting options, mulching, bagging and side discharge. The handle has not been adjusted but it folds for the storage, and the mower can stand well for storage.

Sun Joe MJ401E sold around 100 dollars, is now most popular mower and it gets the rating that are comparable to different types of the lawn mower.  The users like it since it is easy to push and to use and it can handle the turns well.  Taking into consideration its price, it is hard to believe how well it is able to perform but it is preferred for the regular maintenance for smaller properties and not to use for heavy duty work.

When it comes to an electric mower, everyone may think that it is easy to use compared to the gas mower. However, the problem is its cord. If you do not know how you can manage the cord and then keep it away from the mower, it will lead to the accidents like snapping and power surge.

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