The specifications of the new Nokia 6 According to one of the latest technology news, Nokia releases its first smartphone in 3 years. Nokia just released The Nokia 6, a phone that will fully run on Android. When launched, it will only be sold in China. It will go for an equivalent of 200 pounds when launched. The phone was not manufactured directly by Nokia,Continue reading »

If looking beautiful is central to almost every thought of yours then “Congratulations”, as you can count yourself amongst 70% of women who come from the same category. To almost every women, looking beautiful is a very important phenomenon and probably this is the reason why our television screens are bombarded with loads and loads of commercials daily, which cater to this segment only. IsContinue reading »

Any popular style of clothing, footwear, accessories, and sometimes makeup is characterized as fashion. Fashion has to do with any unique yet constant trend in the way a person dresses or in how a brand is presented. Fashion means different things to a lot of people. Most clothing brands have unique features, something that sets them apart from all other brands. Fashion trends are dynamicContinue reading »