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How To Get The Best Of Glamor Photography

From vintage pinup to modernized studio photography, glamor photography has always been a part of fashion. Whether it is done for an advertising campaign or personal portfolio, having the ability to shoot glamor photos will help you expand your career in photography.

There is more to photography than photo poses and lighting. In this guide, we will share six tips that can help you determine suitable locations, pick fabulous outfits and great makeup styles for your models so as to take beautiful glamor photographs. These tips are highly efficient and reliable.

Teach your Models Basic Modeling Poses

It is important to note that before you begin to worry about locations or lighting for your photo shoots, it is imperative that you teach your models the basic poses for glamor modeling. If you are working with professional models, you will have very little to worry about in this regard, but if you are using amateur or inexperienced models do not expect them to know all the basic poses.

While there is no need to memorize the hundreds of complicated poses, it is important to ensure you and your models understand the basic poses (particularly those that your shoot will involve). The type of photo shoot and the location will play a major role in which poses will work best and which will not.

While composition and lighting play a vital role in deciding the results of your shoot, your interaction with your models matters far more than any other thing. Help them know the right poses during each shoot by providing them guidance and useful feedback.

Understand the Basics of Lighting in Glamour Photography

Note that lighting plays a crucial role in the appearance and feel of photography. Using the wrong kind of light for your shooting location can turn an upbeat and playful photo collection to a bleak, moody and washed out photo set.

Likewise, lighting that is too soft and basic will take away emotion in a shadow or dark environment. Learning or understanding how to light your shoot well will help significantly as you and your models will be able to achieve the look you were aiming for in the finished photographs.

There are many lighting arrangements available for glamor photography. They range from the minimal and straightforward to setups involving reflectors, white background materials, and specific lights.

Choose Dynamic, Unique, and Interesting Locations for Shoots

Working at the right location for your shoots can add the visual appeal you need for your glamor photography to be great (just as your talent as a photographer can). Because of this, it becomes important to understand how to pick locations that will suit your photographic style, theme, and your models.

From industrial and grungy areas to vintage pinup environments, the setting you are shooting in will play a significant role in your photos. You will seriously compromise your photos if you mix the wrong outfit, makeup, and lighting with the wrong setting.

When you are choosing a location, you will have to put more than its look into consideration. If it is an outdoor location, be aware of the light sources. In most cases, you might have to provide your lighting as a way of complementing the one offered by any location of your choosing.

Ensure the Clothing, Makeup and Location are a Match

For you to achieve success in glamor photography, you must make sure every detail complements another. These may include makeup, outfits, and locations. Just make sure all the visual details of your shoot are in line with each other. They can include makeup artistry, color schemes, and clothing.

Some aspects of selecting corresponding elements are apparent take an example, a novice photographer will know that dark and pinup-style clothing, with industrial settings, do not match. Others are even more subtle and may require the opinion of an expert.

Makeup is arguably one of the most neglected details of glamor photography. Many models end up managing or applying their makeup when doing amateur photo shoots in the absence of a professional makeup artist.

Learn How to Take Advantage of Natural Light During Shoots

You do not need artificial lighting all the time for glamor photography. The majority of the best catalog and calendar photos are shot without natural light, especially if the natural environmental factors are linked to the visual style of the shoot.

By choosing the right location, the best time of day and ideal camera settings as well as the right lens, you can turn or make your lack of lighting source into a benefit if it produces unique, interesting photographs.

Practice and Master the Art of Subtle Editing

Almost all the photographs you take during glamor photography shoots will need editing before they are published or included in a portfolio. Editing is done to fix color issues and exposure or to remove skin blemishes. Note that the key here when it comes to retouching photographs is to do only little touches if possible to achieve the desired look. Additionally too much editing and airbrushing is evident, even an untrained eye, average magazine reader or a calendar viewer can spot this.

Keep Photoshop editing (beyond its standard exposure levels and color fixes) to a minimum. Your primary focus should be on removing minor skin blemishes and adjusting slight lighting issues as opposed to completely transforming the appearance of your model.

Bottom Line

The above tips if adhered to will help you greatly with your career as glamor photographer.

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