Privacy Policy

Our members are completely protected, and their information will not be shared with a third party without their consent. We may have to collect personal information during your registration process, but we value your privacy a great deal and will therefore not reveal such information to a third party. We usually ask our members to provide their email address when they are registering on our website, which is virtually the only personal contact information we demand.

There is no need to provide your full name, though we ask you to provide username and password; your username and password are properly protected on our website, and no unauthorized person can ever access them. Also, we always update the security feature on our website to ensure security is up to date always.
We usually send updates to your email address whenever new posts are made on our forum. We may equally send you newsletters once in a while. Aside from these, we do not send you any other information. Since we appreciate your privacy, we keep the information we send to the barest minimum.

We will never ask you for your financial information or ask you for your home address. One other private information we ask is about your age; information only required to be certain you are an adult since only adults are accepted for registration on our platform.

If you do not want to be a member of our forum anymore for one reason or the other, we always provide you with a link to enable you to close your account with us, and we will never send you emails on any subject anymore once you close your account. Once you opt to close your account with us, we will automatically delete all your information from our platform, and we will never contact afterward for any reason.