Terms and Conditions

All posts and threads must be placed in the right section on our forum, and we encourage members not to derail threads by posting off-topics
We do not take kindly to abusing other forum members. We also frown at any act of a bully. We encourage members not to provoke or insult other forum members deliberately.
We discourage any act of supporting or defending violence act against any other members of the forum. We equally discourage any act of racism.
We discourage posting of pornographic content on our forum.
Members should not post any advert or any form of affiliate link on our forum without receiving the go-ahead from the forum administrator.
Members should not utter, act or threaten to perform anything that can negatively impact the reputation, success or security of this forum.
Members should not post false information about any member or issue on our forum
Members should not use the forum for any illegal purpose. No hacking activities, any plagiarism, and no incitement.
Members should not violate the privacy of other members. Chats, info, private pictures and other things must not be posted here without due permission
Members should desist from creating distracting posts using a capital letter or bold format.
Members should not add a link to their personal websites or their contact information to their posts without due permission.
Members should report any post or topic or activity that violates the rules and regulations of this forum when such is noticed on the forum.
Members should search the website for previous information about the topic they want to post so as to avoid repetition.
Members should not advertise any shady investments programs on this forum.
Members should desist from spamming. Posts should be made in the right section.
Members should not open a double account on this forum.
Members should not ask another member for their personal information.