10 Best Tourist Places in Iceland

The country with the architecture of a fairy tale, in which the overlap of the iceberg, geysers, waterfalls and volcanoes, and so create something unique. The capital of this country, Reykjavik, has about seventy percent of the population, but still, tourists who want pristine landscapes, unknown natural phenomena and adventure that pushes the boundaries of usual and normal are ideal for Travelers Island. All the inhabitants of the land of the Vikings and trolls connect only one highway, but he commissioned for the tour as a unique natural beauty. Therefore, for smooth travel on this land of glaciers and fire, it is best to rent a Jeep and be well stocked with food supplies. The first attraction is the so-called Golden Circle, a famous tourist route, and a national park.

Reykjavik is the opposite of a typical European city. Low buildings and houses painted bright colors, the minimum frequency of traffic and one-way streets are unique elements of the city. Many argue that it is trapped in the 20s of the last century, and the people who inhabit it deliberately nurture that romantic look, which is quite different from the modern cities of Europe. Reykjavik represents a collision of tradition and urban, that he is a unique city of contrasts. Famous “Kafebarinu” to see a bunch of young people who do not communicate with each other and staring at their expensive laptops, while the next day you will attend the traditional Christmas dinner and listen to believe in dwarves and elves.

This is certainly not a country that you are on the priority list to visit it, but here are some interesting facts and beauty of this northern icy beauty hiding, and why you’ll want to get to know it. In short, this is Iceland, a country of volcanoes, waterfalls, and ice.

  1. Glacial ice caves

The rare natural phenomenon, but still fascinating, because they look different every day. Before each visit of tourists in this kind of wonders specifies the level of security due to the movement of the ice. Are formed of ice from glaciers that are several centuries old, and since they are practically transparent, the permeable spectrum of light, so it seems like the ice is colored blue hues.

  1. Mountains in Iceland

The soil of Iceland is covered with rocky landscapes, formations of lava and many mountains. A chain called “Westfjords,” estimated by scientists, aged between 10 and 16 million years ago and is formed under the weight of numerous glaciers and massive. The position of the Island is unique because it is situated on two tectonic plates, causing frequent volcanic activity and earthquakes. Because of its beauty and specificity, it is interesting to mention the “Kirkjufell” (in Icelandic Church Mountain), known for its perfectly conical shape and “Landmannalaugar” mountains that are interesting because of the colors of the rainbow, which turns on this rocky complex.

  1. Waterfalls

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world are in Iceland. There are those who are high and wild, but one of them is breathtaking, and some, however, shallow and gentle, near which you can relax. Named because of the contrast, because the water is coming down the dark basaltic rock.

  1. Lake in volcanic crater

Volcanic lake Kerid triggers a lot of interest among scientists. It is believed to have formed after the massive eruption of the volcano when large amounts of volcanic lava ejected from the reservoir. The only thing is to agree that it is not caused by rainwater. The lake is not too deep, but varies from 7 to 14 meters, depending on the season and other factors. Water is extremely rich in minerals.

  1. Geysers

More than 1,000 fountains, how many Island has incurred as a result of the turbulent geologic activity of this region. It is interesting to point out that geysers are located under glaciers, which are melting its high temperature, and shortly, predicting major flooding. The so-called “Blue Lagoon,” water has therapeutic properties. The geysers are active since 1294, and it happens to throw water in height to 60 meters. As far as the temperature, in some places where the deeper water temperature is up to a whopping 280 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the name geyser comes from the Europeans first famous geyser in Iceland. And he, in turn, goes back to the verb (ff. Geysa), which means gush, gushing. The root of the word is from Old Norse

  1. Glaciers

Are defined as large ice masses, which are due to the many natural processes, such as pressure and melting, moving, and also, destroy and reshape a terrain on which they move. Europe’s largest glacier is precisely located on the South East of Iceland and is called the Vatnajökull. Its area is 8,400 square meters, and it is estimated that the thickness of the ice almost 900 meters. Across the glacier provide active volcanoes and over the river. More than 10% of the territory of Iceland is covered with these ice giants.

  1. Polar light

This is perhaps the biggest attraction of Iceland, the famous “Aurora borealis.” Brightness caused when the electrons collide with atoms in the upper atmosphere, and when, the resulting flickering green, white, purple and reddish lights in the sky. They are best seen at night when the sky is clear.

  1. “Volcanic River”

The numerous eruptions of the volcano, which is rich Island, cause the lava, ejected from volcanic gorges, the rivers flowing into and completely changes the look of everything it touches and were to pass. When the danger has passed, they remain incredibly beautiful landscapes that can only be described in the picture.

  1. Beautiful beaches

What beaches of ice and fire land classified as one of the most beautiful in the world, is black volcanic sand and amazing rock formations which adorn the vast coast of Iceland.

  1. The belief in elves

Elves are a critical part of the national folklore for Icelanders, who in the vast majority believe in their existence. The explanation says that this mythical creature that brings good luck. Icelanders firmly believe that they live in rocky areas.

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