How to plan a wedding?

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget?

Planning a wedding is the most attractive of all assignments that can be handed over to anyone. From designing the venue structure to planning the program details, it is a dynamic ride itself!
In one’s fantasy, every one dreams of having a lavish party where the venue is nothing short of a royal ball; the guests dance to the melodic beats and the food is nothing less than a heaven’s treat.
However, little do most women realize that organizing a wedding like the one described above is almost next to impossible if you are supposed to stick to a budget! You certainly would not want to go broke right after your wedding day, right!

We all understand that weddings are stressful and not just for one reason, but for many. Once we get to work on planning for a wedding, we realize that there is a lot more to do than just to think of the dress and the seating arrangements of the guests. The most trivial of things such as flowers, dance floor, and the bar do add up to quite a handsome amount; and this is where most of the people start to fret. Therefore, if you too are among those who simply are held up by their limited budget, and have been handed a hefty cost estimate by your event planner, then we certainly have some help for you!
Here we have a few tricks and tips which you can follow to reduce your wedding budget by a significant amount. It does not matter if you have a cost estimate of $20,000 to $50,000, our tips will surely help you in saving a lot of cash, which you can ultimately use for an exotic honeymoon!
So, let us go to it:

Book an Un-conventional Venue

This is the first thing that will come to your mind whenever you think of your wedding. After all, the wedding venue will affect your wedding day festivities by a huge margin. It might have been your fantasy to have your wedding on an exotic beach or uphill, or maybe somewhere in a mystical or beautifully sculptured land. However, you will be required to spend a large sum of money if you are going to have your wedding over there and that is something we all want to avoid, right? To resolve this issue, what you can do is call any friend, or a friend of the friend who owns a great hut near the beach, or maybe someone you know who has a beautiful yacht that you could hire for your wedding.
If you are not able to find anyone, then maybe you could turn to someone who owns a restaurant and has a beautiful celebration hall that can accommodate your guest list. If you think about it, there are endless possibilities through which you will be able to get yourself either a free, or a discounted venue! You just need to put your mind to work and everything will turn out to be good!

Let the Dress be Smart Yet Cost Effective

Now this part is mostly a big concern for the women since this is the big day that they have been waiting for all their lives! They desire to look their best and as a result, looking at some wedding gowns with a big price tag is normal. Little do they know that they can do just as good without spending a hefty amount.
The first thing that you can do is look for a dress that is hanging on the rack, and in case if anyone of them fits you perfectly, you could simply pay in cash to drop the price even lower.
Another thing that you can do is take the dress on rent from any of your friends who recently got married. You will be amazed to see how good you will look in a gown that is as good as new, and with no cost to you.

Take A Trip

What would you prefer, getting wedding gifts in the form of daily use appliances or enough money to travel to your favorite honeymoon destination? You know, there are some websites where you can register for your honeymoon trip and ask your guests to contribute to that trip instead of buying those gifts, which you will ultimately forward to someone else.

Choose To Photograph The Event Yourself
This is one of those areas of expenditure in a wedding where you could end up spending a lot if you are not careful enough. With so much technological advancement, you certainly do not need to hire a professional photographer for your entire wedding. After all, when would your professional DSLR camera come to use? Instead of hiring a pro-photographer for the entire event, you could ask your friends to cover the event through your camera. However, if you have something special planned on your wedding day, hiring a professional photographer may be justified, but you can restrict the hours to reduce your expenses.

Wise Catering

Some of the people fret over this one because they think of it to be really important for the wedding. Do not get me wrong; it is important but not at the cost of rolling out a huge amount from your bank. If your planning has gone this far, you should think of alternative ways if you want to save some cash for later. What you can do is, instead of looking at professional caterers, you can ask a friend of yours who is exceptionally well in cooking to cook you some great dishes. The benefit would be that he or she would be happy to cook for your wedding and that you will have to pay a lesser amount than you would have if a professional caterer had been hired.

So, take a note of these tips and tricks, and try to implement these when you are planning your wedding. We are sure that you will end up recommending this article to your friends and family.

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